Travel Hacks To Help You Save On Your Next Vacation

I wanted to share some options to save you some mula on your next vacation. People continue to come out with innovative solutions to solve consumer’s pain points in a variety of different areas. The tips I am going to share with you today are on how the sharing economy can help you on your next trip!

1.Rent out your car: If you want to make some extra cash for your trip you can rent your car out to others on, Turo, Getaround or Uber – make your car work for you when you aren’t using it.

2.Rent out your Garden: Before you leave on your trip check Camp in my Garden which allows you to rent out your yard. Another great way to make a little extra mula for your vaycay.

3.Rent a parking spot: Maybe you don’t have space in your backyard, but there’s a parking spot you’re not using that you could rent out from time to time — like when you’re at work, when you leave town for the weekend or even when you leave for a month—make that spot work for you by renting it out on JustPark.

4.Sell your stuff: Have you heard of Yerdle? Get rid of stuff you no longer use by selling those items through Yerdle, you will get more money for your items than you would by selling them to a used goods store. Also have you heard of Threadup, Tradesy, Poshmark… The list goes on, these online consignment stores make it really easy for you to order a clean out kit and ship off those unused close sitting in the back of your closet. Rather than getting pennies on the dollar at a consignment store, try selling on one of these sites that make the process a lot easier than heading to your local consignment shop.

5.Where to stay? There are a lot of great sites that make traveling a lot easier and more affordable check out – Airbnb, booking.com, couch surfing, hostels, living and working on a farm, and house sitting to start!

Check out Nomadic Matt’s story on WWOOF.

Another awesome way to travel the world is to housesit, check out these companies and start planning your next epic adventure! Make sure you have an up to date well written profile because people may just contact you directly instead of posting the listing online. Also have great references on hand and an eye catching first email when applying. These opportunities get snatched up quick so bring you’re a game when you start looking for a place to stay.

TrustedHousesitters.com ($60 annual fee) — The largest housesitting site on the web, and the fastest growing. It has a lot of homes in the UK and Europe but is also getting more traction in Australia and North America.

MindMyHouse.com ($20 annual fee) — This site has one of the lowest fees to join, and has a good number of house-sits, with a well laid-out website. The jobs are mainly in North America and Europe.

Housecarers.com ($55 annual fee) — This site is not very easy to navigate, that said they do have a number of good house-sits with a focus on Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

Caretaker.org ($30 annual fee) — This is the only website where you can’t browse through available house-sits online, the opportunities are sent via newsletter.

6.Rent Someone’s Car — or Bike: If you need a car or bike for your trip, then the sharing economy is a great place to start. Try Getaround, or Turo to get your wheels from a local owner, sometimes you can find a ride for just $5 per hour. Registering is easy, and only takes a few minutes. There are no fees, and rentals include roadside assistance and insurance. This can be a great option if you need a car for some of your trip, but don’t want to hire one for the whole time. I rent out my car on Turo and have had a great experience thus far with the whole process. Another one to check out that’s popular in Europe in Blabla car, you can also get a rail pass if the area you are in has a good transportation system.

If you would rather bike around instead try the Spinlister app which connects active people with the gear. You can find bikes, surfboards or even snowboards directly from the owner.

7.Hire a Local Guide: Vayable connects locals with tourists, which allows travelers to get true insight into the city they’re visiting from someone who knows where to go. Prices vary so check out the details of all of the packages offered!

8.Eat as the locals eat: Food is very important to me when traveling, Eatwith allows you to try the regional delicacies, you can review the menus of home cooks and private chefs, before booking to eat with them in their home. You can also check out TripAdvisor or Yelp to review other traveler’s experiences at the local eateries as well.

9.Wi-Fi – A travel must! Fon is simple and oh so amazing. They have over 19 million hotspots, which you can access either by signing up through their own telco provider to share their own Wi-Fi and access others’ for free, or by buying passes for one hour to one month. Roaming charges have been an issue for me in the past so this little travel hack is a must.

10.You can’t travel because you have pets you say? Dogvacay to the rescue! The company hooks you up with sitters who can look after your dogs in the comfort of their home, rather than a formal kennel setting. The sitters set their own rates, but are very reasonable. Another great company to look at is Rover they will come to your house and housesit + watch your pets or allow you to drop of your beloved fully friend to their home.

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What are some travel hacks you have discovered, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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