If you have the wanderlust gene like I do it would be nice to find the best of both worlds by getting a job that requires or allows you to travel. There are a variety of jobs you can chose from to make the money you need while doing what you love, from entry level to more experienced roles – Here are some career options that may be the perfect fit for you.

Consultants: provide companies with their expert advice on everything from management to marketing to IT they are problem solvers in their field. The awesome part about this career is that you won’t be tied to one company and will be able to travel from city to city, the jobs will vary from short term to long term depending on the company’s needs.

Travel Industry: You can do anything from working as a flight attendant, or become a pilot to working on a cruise ship or a yacht or becoming a writer or a travel agent. Much of the time you’re traveling, you’re also working, but you’ll also have time to get out and explore the places you visit. And as a travel writer in particular, getting out and exploring is part of your job.

Recruiter: Some recruiter roles allow you to be location independent while others you’ll be expected to travel to colleges and universities around the country to recruit new talent, whether for a company or for an athletic team. During your busiest hiring seasons, you’ll probably spend more time on the road than at home, but during the off-season, you’ll find yourself spending more time in the office or working from home whichever your company allows for.

Au Pair: If you like working with children you can travel overseas to become an au pair. This position will require you to stay with a host family and exchanges domestic services like child care for a small salary and free lodging. It’s a great way to fulfill your wanderlust on a small budget and get established in a location of your choosing.

Sales: While some sales jobs require you to stay behind a desk or in a retail store, other sales jobs require you to cover a territory, which can involve a lot of travel. Depending on the companies needs and your geographic area, you could be flying to a different state every week or once a month.

Writer: Breaking into this world requires persistence and hard work. Start out writing for your own site or freelance for other people or companies to establish yourself in the industry. While you’re getting started in this field you may have to do other jobs to supplement your income while building up your portfolio.

Reporter: In this role you can choose to go overseas or even work for a foreign branch of a media company based in your country. Learning another language would be helpful but it’s not always required.

Teach English: This is a great entry level way to travel the world, English teachers are in high demand in many foreign countries and in many cases you don’t need a teaching credential to get a job. Most of these positions require a year-long commitment or more, so you won’t necessarily be seeing a new place every week, but you will get to fully absorb the culture around you. And once your job is done in that location you can move onto the next.

Virtual Assistant: Many companies are looking to hire remote workers, with the advances in technology there is very little that a personal assistant can’t do remotely these days. From marketing, to social media, to scheduling calls, or booking travel, as long as you have stable internet connection, your computer and phone you will be able to handle any task that comes your way!

Photographer: Whether you want to photograph destination weddings, be a nature photographer or do photo shoots for a big company, the possibilities in this field are endless. As with a writing career it will take time to build your credibility in this space, and make it a full time gig, so you may need to find an alternative income while you’re building your career.

I am working on a ebook with more career options, salary information and resources for each of those careers so you can dive in deeper if you find a role that tickles your fancy!

Resources for flexible or remote careers:

Remote Year
Work Away
Aupair World
Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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