How can we create the life we want? I felt very compelled to write this post today because I have been doing a lot of self-reflection. Some days I am on top of my game and do this daily other days I get caught up in the noise of the world and allow myself to become disconnected for a few weeks. But the disconnection doesn’t last long because living in disharmony is not my true nature and I quickly do the things I know will help me realign with myself.

I have been thinking a lot about how we create our reality through our thoughts, our emotions are constantly guiding us towards the direction we want to go either consciously or unconsciously. We have the choice to make life easy and fun or make it difficult and miserable.

We are always putting out into the universe the things we want, and the things we don’t want, and when we are unclear in what we want to manifest this causes us to send mixed signals to the universe because the Universe is responding purely to vibration.

We can’t control other people but we can control what we think, what we feel, what we vibrate, how we receive and what we keep talking about. And when these things are in harmony, we are aligned with our highest self and can manifest that which we desire.

And on the flip side if there is something that you want that is not coming, you are not yet matching it with your vibration. Or if there is something that you’ve got that you would like to go away, it can’t leave because you are matching it vibrationally.

We want to feel good all the time, because when we are happy it means we are a vibrational match to our core energy. And when we are in alignment with the universe we are living from our full potential, and serving ourselves and those around us from our highest self.

A way to get into a better space if you are in disharmony with yourself is to think about everything you are grateful for, whether you want to write a list, talk to someone about everything you appreciate, or meditate on it – whatever feels best for you to get back into harmony.

Another thing you can do if you feel discomfort in a situation is to understand that no situation or person can control how you feel except for you. When analyzing the situation ask yourself if it is a vibrational match or if you want to vibrate differently than this circumstance at hand. You can chose to rise above the situation, raise your vibration and appreciate the lesson there was to learn. This is like changing the channel, if what you are watching no longer serves you, simply change the channel to find something that makes you happy and puts you in the space you want to be in.

The Universe is ready to give us what we are vibrating, and it is everyday whether we recognize it or not. Everything that is happening in your life right now is a reflection of the energy you have put into the universe. Once you become aware of this, you can then analyze the reality you have manifested for yourself, is it a vibrational match to what you want or is it out of line with your true desires as a result of you being in disharmony with yourself?

This is not something that we can master overnight, it takes practice every day, but I can promise you it is well worth your time and energy. Once you understand that you are the creator of your destiny it will be a game changer and put you on the path towards living your best life.

How will you begin to create the life you want?

Here are some amazing books to help you on your journey:
Wayne Dyer – Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life
Esther Hicks – Ask and It Is Given
Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements
Deepak Chopra – The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Dalai Lama – The Art of Happiness

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