About Your Kula Membership

Join us for access to 500+ online yoga classes, guided meditations + breathwork practices.
500+ online classess
movement, Breathwork + meditation
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Movement. Education. Meditation. Service.

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What's included in my Membership?

We upload new classes three times per week, with uploads that include movement, meditation + breathwork. Nicole Wild is our main facilitator, but we also include frequent guest teachers to give variety to our library. We occasionally host live events, 30-day challenges, workshops, Q+As + so much more. We listen to requests from members, so if you have a request for a class or event, you're likely to see it integrated into the next month's offerings! Your subscription comes with access to the desktop and also to our Kula App. Easily cancel within your account anytime.

Still not sure? Use code TRYITOUT at checkout for your first month on us.

New Yoga Classes 3x per Week

New uploads happen a minimum of 3x per week, typically on M/W/F. Our library includes classes of all levels, lengths and intensities of classes, and you can filter the library to find exactly what you're looking for. The class library builds upon itself, so you always have access to all 500+ classes for the duration of your membership. We host regular challenges, guest teachers, class series + more.

Some of our most popular class types are our Funky Flows, Honey Flows, Handstand Classes + Yin. Read about our class types below.

class types

Meditation + Breathwork

Meditation and breathwork practices are a beautiful opportunity to reflect, slow down + turn inward. We upload regular sit + breathe opportunities into the Kula including anti-stress practices, meditations for creating space, energizing breathwork, grounding + calming breath practices + more.

First Access to In-Person Events

Along with your online membership, Kula members are always the first to know about upcoming events including yoga retreats, teacher trainings, continuing education, workshops + more. We host in-person events worldwide, and are always listening to your requests about where we should host next! All Kula members have first access to register for events before they open to the public, and annual members receive a members rate to retreats and trainings.

+ most importantly

The Community

The Kula is what it is because of the people who are a part of it. There are members spread across the globe in over 100 countries worldwide, and continues to expand to new places all the time. We love seeing members connect in our community page inside the membership site, on retreats or even in-person in your home city. Kula means family, or community. We are grateful for everyone who is a part of this sweet crew!

your community

Meet the Fam.

The Kula is made up of a network of humans scattered all across the globe in over 70 countries. Though we are spread across time + space, we are here together in the practice.

Tag us on Instagram @thecollectivekula so we can stay connected with you.