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our story

Gratitude for hard work + happy accidents.

Nicole got certified to teach yoga during college in 2015 and has been dedicated to teaching in various settings and platforms since then -- though teaching was 'just for fun' for many years while she also built and ran a photography business. In 2020, when local studios shut down in response to the pandemic, Nicole uploaded a few classes online in order to be able to share the class links with family and friends who could no longer practice in-studio. These videos unexpectedly picked up traction on YouTube, and Nicole was eager to share more with the new community of people practicing with her online. That same winter, she led a 30-day meditation group online and it became apparent that her community needed another place to connect after the 30-days was finished. Then was born the Kula which launched in April of 2021.

The Kula was originally hosted directly on our website, which was created from scratch by Nicole herself. As members joined and the Kula started earning money, Nicole invested in switching tech platforms, hiring graphic designers, creating an app, hiring her first team members and hiring a designer (hey Kindling Design!) to build a custom website. We are always looking for ways to continue growing and expanding, and still trust that we are only at the beginning. Thank you for being here for any parts of our journey that you are -- we are so grateful to connect with you + hope to connect with you over many years to come!

THE story behind the NAME

What is 'Kula'?

Sanskrit is an ancient language that originates from India, and is the language that historic yogic texts were written in. The word Kula is a Sanskrit word for family, community or tribe. Our friend and Sanskrit teacher Marcy Goldstein says that Kula means 'family-by-choice.' The Kula got its name because Nicole referred to the original January Meditation Group as 'the Kula' without much thought behind it, and the name stuck.


Celebrating how we've grown + making goals for the future still.

We have big goals and visions for the Kula and our sister brands The Collective School of Yoga, and Collected -- our newest project which will hold a curated list of merchandise for sale including educational yoga materials, apparel + more. We are grateful for everyone that we cross paths with along the way and hope so deeply that those who come across our offerings find themselves with a bit of a fuller cup -- in a way that then lets them share their unique goodness in bigger ways with their own communities. We believe that healthy individuals create healthy relationships create healthy family systems create healthy communities and beyond. We wish for the health and the happiness of the collective, and we hope our offerings contribute to that.

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