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What types of classes are inside the Kula library?

We offer a variety of class styles, difficulty levels, focuses, etc. inside the Kula library. Did you know you can filter out our entire library by spice level, body focus, or length of time? We want to give you all the options but we also want to help you know what these options mean! Here are a list of some of our most frequently uploaded class types, and what they mean.

All-Levels Practices

All-levels practices offer a mixture of variations for you to either expand upon or modify/support yourself as you need throughout the class. They're meant to be accessible for any experience level of practitioner and will include modifications.

Intermediate + Advanced Practices

These practices incorporate more challenging postures, technical movement patterns and creative transitions. They’re meant for anyone interested in expanding their practice, and are likely to include asana, meditation and breathwork. As always, modify as you need! These are meant to be playful + expansive.

Honey Flow

A movement-meditation.
These practices are more simple in their sequencing. They are oftentimes repetitive so that you can become familiar with the movement + drop out of your head and into your body. They’re slightly slower in pacing and intensity, though we do have some spicier honey flows available in our class library, too.

Everything Flows

Meditation, breathwork + movement.
Inspired by 'everything but the bagel seasoning' or 'everything but the kitchen sink dishes,' these Everything Flows are meant to include all the various components of a well-rounded yoga practice. They'll incorporate some meditation, breath work, warm-up sequencing, spicy main flows, + a longer hold stretch or two at the end before Savasana.

Strong + Bendy

These are vinyasa flow classes that include postures for both strength-building and deep-stretch.

For example, you might see a strong + bendy practice for both strengthening and stretching the hips, the hamstrings or the shoulders.


These practices are split into 2 sections, typically about the same length in time.

The first is flowy and heat-building, while the second is stretchy, restorative or yin-like. These are half spicy + strength-building and half rest + restore.

Yin + Restorative

These practices are meant to be as little effort as possible.
Let gravity do the work while you set up into stretchy and/or supportive postures and spend a longer amount of time in each shape. These practices do not incorporate flow - and the only ‘effort’ or movement in the practice is in switching from one posture to the next. It is useful to have props nearby for these classes. We’d recommend having a blanket, bolster or pillow, and two blocks nearby!

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