We value spaces that feel inclusive, welcoming + intentional and we understand that attending retreats + trainings is a costly commitment. We seek to make our offerings more accessible through our scholarship program!
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We created a scholarship program in 2021 in an effort to make our offerings more accessible to all. We offer a mix of full and partial scholarships to all of our in-person yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings. These scholarships are reserved for those who are not in the financial place to attend one of our offerings, but who truly feel that it would benefit their lives. Anybody is welcome to apply for a scholarship, but we prioritize the BIPOC community + students in our selections.

2024 Applications

Applications are closed for all 2023 offerings, and will re-open 2024 retreats and trainings around September 2023. Join our mailing list + follow along on our Instagram to stay in-the-know about these dates.


Pay it Forward

If you'd like to make a contribution to our scholarship fund, we'll utilize 100% of your donation to go toward a spaces for future training or retreat attendees. We thank you so deeply for contributing in this way.